Studio Dabbeni presents a new exhibition focusing on the work of the artist Flavio Paolucci, born in Torre, in Blenio Valley, in 1934.

Starting with his cycle of grafts (1974), followed by the copious production of sculptures, objects, and paintings (painting and collage on rice paper), Paolucci went on to develop a rich and original vocabulary, closely linked to the natural environment and to the nature of the valley he lives in. The forest, the undergrowth, the bark, and other natural elements, are the basic ingredients that when assembled and juxtaposed in various ways generate precarious compositions and fragmentary narratives underpinned by a deeply poetic spirit.

Over the course of time, these constructions and sedimentations of natural and cultural memories have been enriched with symbolic elements and symbols of new materials such as marble, glass, and bronze.

The sixteen works presented at the exhibition currently underway in Lugano, entitled ‘Atmosfere’ (Atmospheres), are examples of Paolucci’s most recent explorations, which are especially distinguished for the bronze casts of carefully patinated tree fragments in which the threshold between the natural and the artificial tends to be almost imperceptible.