Display 1


Display 1 is the first of two events celebrating the activities of Studio Dabbeni, founded in 1979, in Lugano. The two exhibitions will present the works of some of the artists that have been represented over the course of the last three decades.

In the first show, Display1, Luciano Bartolini (1948-1994) is present with a work composed of thirty cards from the series entitled “Klang, il suono che spezza”, realised in 1983. In using the term “klang”, the artist defined the sound of the gong (or more precisely the simandron) whose oscillation articulated the days of the lives of the monks on Mount Athos. Gabriele Basilico (1944), with two photographs of the “Ferriera di Locarno” renders homage to architect Livio Vacchini (1933-2007), who is represented in the exhibition by a serigraphed portfolio: it is a 1994 edition. Livio Bernasconi (1932) is represented by a large painting, from the series “Flash” (1966), that is juxtaposed with his work from 2007 “Immagine 1”. Antonio Calderara (1903-1978) is represented by three watercolours on paper from the 1976 series “Lettera di un convalescente”. Two large vertical works by Dadamaino (1935-2004) from the cycle “Il movimento delle cose” in which lines merging together or branching out over ample surfaces (mordant on polyester), seem to represent a part of a whole, referring to a dimension of the surface that tends towards infinity. John Hilliard (1945) is present with “White Ideal Progressively Contaminated (Daylight-Northlight-Ultraviolet)” (2002); in his works the basic elements of the medium of photography–such as framing, focus, or lighting–are used as the subjects of the image. François Morellet (1926) is represented by a work from 1974, “2 simples trames 0° 10°”: its conception, calculation and realisation proclaim it as a work in progress, because each work reflects the preceding one. Mario Nigro (1917-1992), the first artist who was represented by Studio Dabbeni with a solo exhibition in 1981, is present with the edition “Ettore and Andromaca”, a portfolio of ten serigraphs from his work presented at the Venice Biennial in 1978, and “Valle Orme”, acrylic on canvas, from 1978, in which the artist had stated that he was seeking more light in his colours, a more intense sensuality. The environment “Spazio Curvo”, by Gianni Colombo (1937-1993), closes the exhibition. This complex work, presented for the first time in 1990, is re-proposed in the same rooms as it was in 1990. The same perceptive and sensory instability, the lack of any sure idea of habitability, assures the viewer’s total participation, in every way, now as in the past. The tubular structures, rings and arches that unfold once again within the three spaces of the upper floor of the gallery constitute an homage to the prematurely deceased artist, and document the project, as it had been conceived twenty years prior.  (Valentina Bucco)