On the occasion of Open Gallery #10, Studio Dabbeni is pleased to present the publisher Archive Books of Berlin, a publishing house that produces critical and theoretical texts based on contemporary culture, and organizes events and debates that involve artists, curators, and cultural researchers.

In the month of October, on the occasion of the exhibition “Luciano Bartolini. Pensare all’Oriente, Identificazione di un feticcio” hosted by Villa Romana in Florence, Archive Books released two publications: the first of these was curated by Paolo Emilio Antognoli: “Firenze 1977, Luciano Bartolini, Michael Buthe, Klaus vom Bruch, Martin Kippenberger, Marcel Odenbach, Anna Oppermann, Ulrike Rosenbach &tc. Materiali su Artisti Italiani e Tedeschi a Firenze e Villa Romana attorno al 1977 (1976-78)”; the second publication was curated by the Archivio Luciano Bartolini: “Luciano Bartolini. Pensando all’Oriente 1973 - 1979. Materiali d’Archivio”.

Archive’s display is entitled Cubitus, 2005, an installation by Luca Frei consisting of thirty wooden cubiform elements. A concrete “space for thinking” that reproduces the Bibliotèque des Enfants at the Centre Pompidou in the early 1980s.

The exhibit also includes the compelete collection of artists’ books (1974 -1979) by Luciano Bartolini.