Born in Milan on the 31st of July 1941, Italian photographer and composer considered one of the most enigmatic and poetic of our time, Davide Mosconi was in the past the assistant of Richard Avedon and Hiro. He has taken part in numerous important exhibitions throughout the world, including two Venice Biennals (1991 and 1993). The Studio Dabbeni is presenting three groups of works: the triptychs entitled “Night Skies” (1990), “Drawing Air” (1995-96) and the “Polveri” [Dusts] of 1999. Begun in 1980 on the request by Polaroid and subsequently exhibited – from among others – at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Museum voor Fotografie in Antwerp, the triptychs are based upon the idea of “coincidence”. A triptych ‘is born’ from the discovery of two different authors who without knowing each other’s works have perceived a same thing in a like way. On the basis of this revelation Mosconi, rather than photographing, becomes the link by way of which one has the manifestation of the third photograph which completes the triptych.

In the series of Ektachrome entitled “Drawing Air” Mosconi works on the concept of ‘fortuitousness’, rendering a clear homage to Bruno Munari. The images draw their cue from objects thrown into the air and photographed while they break up/change in the same air.

The “Polveri”, created by photographing mineral dust thrown into the air, are here presented in Lugano by a group of eight hitherto unexhibited works including one of a large format (400 x 500 cm). The photographs are fixed on a metal support by means of magnets. Other magnets are liberally scattered over the work, in this way creating an other unexpected and surprising dimension which moves beyond photography.

The exhibition being held in Lugano forms part of “Photomedia Europe 1999” initiative, supervised by Daniela Palazzoli currently housed at the Milan Triennal (16.11.1999 - 16.2.2000).