David Tremlett was born in Cornwall in 1945.

Following an initial work phase, characterized by his abandoning of traditional expressive   means (sound and visual works in nature), Tremlett once again took up painting and sculpture although continuing to be a conceptual artist.

A "travelling" artist, in accordance with one of Britain's most rooted traditions, Tremlett has perfected a sensitivity matured through his contacts with non-Western places and populations. His numerous trips - ranging from Africa to the Indian Ocean and to the Mexican desert - are on his return translated into simple geometrical forms and the repetition of signs which form his rigorous abstract language.

The result is in the form of "Wall Drawings", in situ interventions, sometimes carried out on the walls of ruined or dilapidated buildings encountered during his journeys. Or else on the walls of galleries and museums where the artist completely 'takes possession' of the space: here with the use of the pastel technique applied by hand he breaks down the traditional distinctions between painting, sculpture and architecture.

The exhibition to be held in Lugano will present a large "Wall Drawing" directly carried out in the most spacious room of the Gallery. This will be accompanied by nine medium and large pastel works on paper. From these paper works entitled "Model for a Wall Drawing", "4 Models for 4 Walls", "Drawing for 5 Wall Planes" and "Sketch for 5 Wall Planes" one evinces the concept that lies at the basis of the large "Wall Drawing" created in the Gallery.