31 march - 2 april 2017

Studio Dabbeni, on the occasion of MIART  2017, inspires a conversation between the two artists Daniel Buren and Gianni Monnet. Le Carré Eclaté, 1992, a large-scale work by Daniel Buren, liaises with five works by Gianni Monnet entitled Progetti parietali, from the 1950s This exhibition project pays tribute to the city of Milan and, in particular, to a historic figure like Guido Le Noci, who worked with the Bompiani and Schettini galleries in the early 1950s, and the Apollinaire gallery from 1954 to 1983. Whereas in the 1950s, at the Bompiani and the Schettini, Le Noci organized a series of exhibitions on abstract and concrete art with the participation of Gianni Monnet, in May 1968 he invited Daniel Buren to the Apollinaire gallery: for his first solo show the French artist physically and metaphorically closed off the entrance to the gallery with his strips of vertical stripes. Le Carré Eclaté, a work presented in 1992 on the occasion of Daniel Buren’s first solo show "Il Passaggio del colore" held in our gallery, begins with a square cut up into five elements: neither an object nor a traditional sculpture, it is the construction of a site that liaises with the space that contains it and with the viewer who appreciates it and offers the chance to conceive habitable situations, visual trajectories, chromatic labyrinths.The five photographs by Gianni Monnet are part of a series of works where the artist aspires to overcome the traditional surface of the painting. By means of photography and painting he intervenes, designing indoor wall decorations, and thus opening up to a synthesis between the arts.

Daniel Buren (Boulogne-Billancourt, 1938). For many years this French artist has been analysing the relationship between the artwork, the exhibition space (both spatial and institutional), and the viewer. To make his works he uses materials such as wood, transparent coloured Plexiglas, and his “visual tool”, which has remained unchanged in time, i.e. black and white self-adhesive strips measuring 8.7 cm.

Gianni Monnet (Turin, 1912 - Lugano, 1958). Architect, painter, critic and curator, in 1948, together with Gillo Dorfles, Bruno Munari, and Atanasio Soldati he founded the MAC Movimento Arte Concreta movement in Milan.