José Davila (*1974, lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Berlin), architect, realizes photographs and spatial installations strictly connected to the intervention site. He started exhibiting in 1998 and he has taken part in several international group shows (among which, in 2005, “Farsites”, San Diego Museum of Modern Art, San Diego, California; “Prague Biennial 2”, Prague; “Eco: arte contemporáneo mexicano”, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid).

As an “illegal architect", he intervenes on the façades of public buildings and in inner spaces with spatial structures which involve the whole environment, often using trash materials. In his ephemeral architectures or “unfinished sculptures” he uses conceptual strategies to blur or undermine the intrinsic cultural meanings and instrumental values of the forms and materials used. Intersecting the architectural logic with emotional and irrational components, Davila proposes some reflection platforms on architecture, on its contents and idealism, bringing into focus “the distance between what we know, what we see and what we feel” (Davila).

For his first exhibition in Switzerland, Davila conceived, for the principal spaces of the gallery, five structures made of wood and coloured sheetrock, which, intersecting one into the other, create a situation with spaces/paths inside the very container of the gallery. The exhibition also presents a series of recent photographs (“Studies for Future Buildings”), which focuses on “found objects that could be the starting point to design a building, objects that give architectural hints” (Davila).