David Tremlett was born in 1945 in St. Austell, Cornwall, lives and works in Bovingdon Herts, England. After a first phase of work characterised by the abandonment of traditional expressive means, he has turned his attention to sound and visual works in nature. Tremlett has then regained possession of painting and sculpture, always remaining bound to a conceptual thought.

Untiring traveller, according to one of the most deep-rooted English traditions, Tremlett has sharpened a sensibility matured thanks to the contact with extra-Western places and people. On his return from his many journeys, from Africa to the Indian Ocean and to the Mexican desert, Tremlett translates the impressions gathered and the places visited in an abstract language, based on simple geometrical shapes and onto the repetition of typical marks. In his “Wall Drawings”, realized on site - on the walls of galleries and museums  but also on the walls of some ruined building found during his trips – he thinks over the visual exchanges and cultural experiences he has lived, gaining possession of the expositive space through the technique which uses pastel spread by hand.

In his second exhibition in Lugano, Tremlett presents in the entrance room of the gallery a huge “Wall Drawing”, in which stripes drawn with pastels of various colours form an acute arch that, raising on the whole height of the principal wall, imposes itself on two irregular forms, positioned at the two sides of the wall. A series of big and medium sized pastels on paper complete the exhibition, arranged on the two floors of the gallery.

Next July the Museum of Grenoble is organizing an important retrospective exhibition of David Tremlett with works from 1970 up to today, supervised by Director Guy Tosatto